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Scorecards provided by Scorecards, U.S.A. are guaranteed to be of the highest quality available from any source and at the lowest cost to you.

We can assure you that our cards are of high quality papers, outstanding inks, and professional designs and layouts, adding to the prestige of your club, while maintaining low prices. A close comparison of Scorecards, U.S.A. samples with your present card will reveal the difference in printing quality . . . crisp colors and perfect registration are a Scorecards, U.S.A. trademark.

You will also be associating your club with the publisher and printer of your cards. There are no middlemen. 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Simply supply us with a cover slide or color photograph. Our graphic designers will initially submit a layout design to you. The second step will be to supply you with a color proof, to your specifications, for final approval. Your completed order should follow within 3-4 weeks. We look forward to hearing from you!

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